Who And What


What disorders can be treated with this therapy?

The basic theory of biophoton therapy entails dealing with the cause of the problem, not the symptoms. So, before treatment is started it is important to know the nature of a client's complaint. That does not relate to the doctor's or specialist's diagnosis. It is crucial for the therapist to know what the client is experiencing and feeling in his/her body. For example, the site of the pain can indicate for the therapist which organ may be dysfunctional. Apart from physical problems, many other factors may be involved, such as stress at work or at home, and the use of medication. All these factors are important in forming an overall picture of the client's situation and helping the therapist to track down the cause of the problem and eliminate it. Biophoton therapy can be used to treat many different disorders.

This is a selection of the most common
disorders that can be treated satisfactorily.


Unfortunately people who have received organ transplants and those with synthetic tubes, shunts, plastic blood vessels or porcine valves in their hearts can NOT be treated. As a result of the treatment the immune system is restored to such an extent that the body no longer recognises the implanted organs as its own and can, therefore, reject them.

Other, generally metal, items such as pacemakers or larger components including artificial hips, artificial heart valves, stents, implants, screws etc. do not constitute a problem in treatment. However, scars caused by the introduction of these devices, or by the devices themselves may interfere with treatment. Nevertheless, scars tissue can be treated and other disorders resolved, resulting in a considerable improvement in health.

Various drugs, for instance hormones, corticosteroids, antacids and hypertension medication impact on or upset the body to such an extent that recovery is slowed down. Yet treatment is possible.


An allergy is a hypersensitivity of the body's mucous membranes. If you take medication or avoid certain foodstuffs you are not usually addressing the cause. In fact, the number of allergies may well increase, because the cause is still there.

Every allergy comes from a basic disturbance. If that is removed, all allergies can disappear in one go. Thanks to the 'Starlight', it is relatively easy to find the cause and eliminate it. Many common allergies, including hay fever, and allergies related to dust, cats, pollens and certain foodstuffs, can be treated satisfactorily.


Surgical scars

The flow of energy through the meridians is often impeded by surgical scars, since the meridians are cut through during an operation. From then on the body is disturbed and is unable to heal until the meridian has been restored.

The 'Starlight' works well in the treatment of scar tissue, meaning the meridians recover. Normal tissue then grows and replaces the scar tissue, the scar itself becomes softer and numbness or oversensitivity disappears. The scars become less visible or disappear completely.

Energetic scars (Whiplash)

Most people associate whiplash with a rear-end collision between cars, but it can have a variety of causes. Many different accidents can produce whiplash: a fall from a stepladder, a horse, or during skiing, skating or a game of soccer. Whiplash can also be caused by yoga exercises or, in babies, during birth or even prior to birth (in the womb).

When a person suffers from whiplash there is a breach in the body's main meridian (or 'governor') produced by a sudden, uncontrolled movement. We term that 'energetic whiplash'. The field of energy in the head is cut off from that of the body, bringing about a vacuum in the throat area. That often occurs in the neck, but in other places in the body as well.

Problems related to whiplash disappear after one or two treatments. Frequent symptoms of whiplash are headache, sore throat, mood swings, neck pain, tingling fingers, ringing in the ears, fatigue or problems with concentration.


Spin Inversion

You may well have a spin inversion! spin inversion What is an electron spin inversion? It is a disturbance caused by an external magnetic field, either by electromagnets or terrestrial magnetism. All the atoms in our body are made up of a nucleus with electrons spinning around it. In turn, these electrons also spin on their own axes.

You can compare the atom to our solar system — the electrons are the planets which orbit the sun as well as their own axes, as the earth does. Under the influence of an external magnetic field with sufficient power, the electrons can be brought to a standstill and induced to spin in the opposite direction. And that is termed electron spin inversion.

Does this sound familiar?

  • After a good night's sleep, you're still tired when you wake up.
  • A feeling of having too low an energy level.
  • Light pressure above the eyes and dizzy spells.
  • You are often irritable and/or impatient.
  • When you enter large spaces/shopping centres you feel your energy ebbing away.
  • You feel vague, not acute; clumsy, dreamy, restless, and you yawn a lot.

When a person suffers from spin inversion the body does not function properly. It no longer absorbs nutrients and the sufferer can feel incredibly tired. This tiredness is the first symptom, then all manner of different symptoms or illnesses can arise. The 'Starlight' can be used to measure whether spin inversion is present and we are able to remove it effectively and simply.


Years of experience have shown that dyslexia is primarily caused by insufficient interaction between the pituitary and pineal glands, meaning that the cerebral hemispheres are not integrated.

The 'Starlight' uses a specially developed programme for treating people who suffer from dyslexia — and it proves to benefit everyone, even those who do not have dyslexia.