Since I was born (42 years ago) I have suffered from constipation. Over the years, I have tried everything (laxative tea, flaxseed, fibres, dried fruit, fresh fruit only for breakfast, etc., etc.) but nothing really helped. In fact I'd given up hope of recovery and more or less accepted that constipation was part of me. Someone gave me the tip of a lifetime, and that's how I found healthlight! It was a success from the start of the treatment. Incredible, but true - I really have got over that persistent constipation and I feel a whole lot better! Also, I was treated for several scars. They have got softer and even the feeling has returned at a numb spot. These have been tremendous bonuses. I can recommend this therapy to you all!
Manon de Jongh, Hoofddorp — NL


When I came across biophoton therapy I was being treated by an electro-acupuncturist. He told me he could do nothing more for my headaches/migraines. Sjoerd was willing to accept the challenge and give me biophoton therapy. After three treatments I can only say that I am delighted with him, and that his therapy has helped me a lot. Not only for my headaches, but various other problems that a regular physician would not generally solve.
Niels de Groot, Weesp & mdash NL


After a silly, somewhat unfortunate fall in the Austrian Alps, I had several physiotherapy sessions in the course of a year, without the desired effect. The strained, inflamed tendon didn't respond and the ache remained. The first Healthlight session gave such relief that I never needed a second!
Rob Toorman, London — UK


Fifteen years ago I contracted athlete's foot and it became chronic. It spread to my hands, as well as my feet. I'd tried a wide variety of treatments and was resigned to accepting the inconveniences. I ended up in biophoton therapy because of a stomach ulcer. The cause proved to lie in the gallbladder. Not only was that acute problem alleviated and ultimately resolved, but after 4 treatments I noticed my eczema had gone. At first I thought it was a coincidence because, now and then, it tended to 'disappear' for a few weeks. But now quite some months have passed and I realise it's cured.
Joris Boersma, Amsterdam — NL


In the summer of 1988 I had an accident on board our boat: the boom hit my shoulder and the mainsail block hit my head. The orthopaedist who took X-rays of my neck said I'd been tremendously lucky that the blow hadn't resulted in paraplegia, but only 'dislodged' cervical vertebrae that had been growing together since my youth. He maintained that the only solution was to quieten things down with physiotherapy. For the first few years after 1988, I continued to have whiplash problems: nausea, dizziness and a lot of neck and shoulder pain. It gradually improved and I got used to the symptoms. If I had a session of physiotherapy treatments every year, whiplash was something I could put up with, considering it could have been far worse. But in recent years my neck and shoulder problems got worse again. Thanks to Sjoerd's treatment (two sessions in June-July) the pain is considerably less. It's a relief, because I'm no longer dizzy and I can turn my head again to the left and right normally. The biophoton therapy is really amazing!
Alice van Binsbergen, Beetsterzwaag — NL