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Sjoerd Wartena

Wie ben ik

I first encountered biophoton therapy when I had been suffering from Crohn's disease (chronic inflammation of the intestines) for 6 years. I had been taking medication for years that suppressed the symptoms, but did not remove the cause. After 4 or 5 treatments with the Starlight I felt much better and had more energy. Meanwhile my problems have disappeared and I no longer need medication. I also had respiratory problems and was allergic to cats. Since the treatment I have not been troubled by that any more either.

I was so impressed with the therapy that I decided to study and practise it myself

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Jenny de Puy

Who am I

After my history studies at Leiden University, I worked in a variety of sectors including health care, the KLM and events organisers. On account of health problems I had suffered from the age of 14, I had had a lot to do with acupuncture, as well as many other Western and non-Western medical treatments. So I have always been extremely interested in health and all manner of approaches to healing. I followed with great interest a variety of courses which focused on body and mind and the interaction between the two. After I had embarked on studies of Integrative Breath Therapy in Kleve, Germany (which included Voice Dialogue, NLP, Rebirthing, family dynamics, etc.), I decided to redirect my work and practise in a field with which I have an affinity.

I had suffered from a chronic inflammation of the kidneys for over 20 years. Every night I would wake up with pains in my back and bladder, and several times a month I had pains during the daytime in my hips that spread to my legs or even to my shoulders and arms. Examinations by specialists in various hospitals, by acupuncturists and classical homeopaths were to little avail. I encountered Biophoton Therapy through Sjoerd and, to my amazement, the problems cleared up after only five biophoton sessions - and ultimately never returned.

Consequently, the efficacy of the therapy fascinated me, not only because of my personal experience, but also because of other people's positive results. Biophoton Therapy applies sound, scientifically-based techniques combined with less Western ideas, the focal point being to cure the cause of a disorder and its inconveniences. That unique combination was decisive for me in reaching my conclusion that this was the most suitable working method for me. And accordingly, I enthusiastically embarked on studying the subject and gaining practical experience as a trainee.

My membership of the International Biontology Platform (IBP) enables me to keep in close contact with other therapists and with developments in this field. Moreover, I shall acquire a broader and deeper knowledge, not only as I gain more experience and develop my intuition further, but I will also enlarge my medical knowledge — and thus continue to grow in both Western and non-Western medicine.

My passion, and my chief reason for working with Biophoton Therapy, is my wish to help others to overcome pains and disorders in a non-invasive way. As a result these people no longer have limitations and will be able to enjoy life to the full.