Biophoton therapy is aimed at tracking down and eliminating disturbances in the body, thus enabling the body to carry out the healing process itself. Biophoton treatment does not treat symptoms, but addresses the cause and, where possible, removes it.



Vaccinations, medication, food poisoning, childhood illnesses, surgical scars, and injurious substances ingested or inhaled with food and air (for example, mercury, lead, aluminium, chlorine, dioxin) upset our natural immune system and can cause all manner of problems.


Complaints vary from fatigue, headache (migraine), asthma, allergies, to eczema, but also chronic disorders which stop us from functioning properly. Look under the heading who and what for a selection of the disorders that can be treated.


Sjoerd Wartena

Who am I

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I first encountered biophoton therapy when I had been suffering from Crohn's disease (chronic inflammation of the intestines) for 6 years.

Jenny de Puy

Who am I

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After my history studies at Leiden University, I worked in a variety of sectors including health care, the KLM and events organisers. On account of health problems I had suffered from the age of 14

In practice, the nature of medical treatment is carried out according to the five principles nature-oriented

  • Energy
  • Incentive Transfer
  • Drainage
  • Nutrition
  • Psyche

Sjoerd Wartena, paramedical naturopath Amsterdam. Working from a holistic point of view according to the five nature-based principles, the goal is to increase the quality of life. More balance, zest and vitality.

The naturopathic consultation is reimbursed by many health insurers if you (additional) are insured for alternative medicine. A referral is not required. Consultations also do not count toward the deductible.